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Hooray! We are getting our first sneak peek of Spring with nature beginning to bloom + the warm sun beating down during what should be a chilly month. With the seasons shifting and easing right into warmer weather, it absolutely encourages my oh-so-strong desire to travel somewhere tropical. This curation focuses on what I'd pack, where I'd like to stay, and what I'd like to see on my next tropical getaway.

I came across the ultimate pouch, having both function and fashion in mind, that Justina Blakeney just launched with Studio Oh for their latest collection together. It's festive, fun, tropical and textured with multi-colored bohemian tassels. Her hand-painted watercolor designs are showcased on all sorts of new product, from a bright + cheery tumbler for on-the-go adventures, to a quirky weekly desk pad to keep all appointments in order. I find again and again that her brand continues to put the 'style' in lifestyle! I'm eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fill this precious pouch to the brim with travel essentials + to hit the road for my next adventure!

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